Testing to ASTM Standards

Innovative Test Solutions, Inc. tests to a variety of different ASTM Standards. Below is a list of standards in which we commonly perform. If you do not see the ASTM Standard you are looking for, please contact us at info@its-inc.com or request a quote here and we will be able to let you know if it would be something that we can perform.

A931 – Standard test method for Tension testing of wire ropes and strand

B117 – Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus

C97 – Standard test methods for absorption and bulk specific gravity of dimension Stone

C297 – Standard test method for flatwise tensile strength of Sandwich Constructions

C393 – Standard test method for Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Construction by beam flexure

C623 – Standard test method for Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus, and Poisson’s Ratio for Glass and Glass-Ceramics by Resonance

C633 – Standard Test Method for Adhesion or Cohesion Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings

C1161 – Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Advanced Ceramics at Ambient Temperature

C1198 – Standard Test Method for Dynamic Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus, and Poisson’s Ratio for Advanced Ceramics by Sonic Resonance

C1360 – Standard Practice for Constant-Amplitude, Axial, Tension-Tension Cyclic Fatigue of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics at Ambient Temperatures

D638 – Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of plastics

D695 – Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics

D968 – Standard Test Methods for abrasion resistance of Organic Coatings by Falling abrasive

D1894 – Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting

D3702 – Standard Test Method for Wear Rate and Coefficient of Friction of Materials in Self-Lubricated Rubbing Contact using a Thrust Washer Testing Machine

D5023 – Standard Test Method for Plastics: Dynamic Mechanical Properties: In Flexure (Three- Point Bending)

D7250 – Standard Practice for Determining Sandwich Beam Flexural and Shear Stiffness

E8 – Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials

E9 – Standard Test Methods of Compression Testing of Metallic Materials at Room Temperature

E21 – Standard Test Methods for Elevated Temperature Tension Tests of Metallic Materials

E132 – Standard Test Method for Poisson’s Ratio at Room Temperature

E139 – Standard Test Methods for Conducting Creep, Creep-Rupture, and Stress-Rupture Tests of Metallic Materials

E143 – Standard Test Method for Shear Modulus at Room Temperature

E466 – Standard Practice for Conducting Force Controlled Constant Amplitude Axial Fatigue Tests of Metallic Materials

E606 – Standard Practice for Strain-Controlled Fatigue Testing

G32 –  Standard Test Method for Cavitation Erosion Using Vibratory Apparatus

G98 – Standard Test Method for Galling Resistance of Materials

G99 – Standard Test Method for Wear Testing with a Pin-on-Disk Apparatus